30-Day Guide to Landing Your Dream International Development Job

Our 30-day guide takes you through the process of identifying, selecting, and applying for job opportunities in the International Development sector. More than your average guide, this step-by-step playbook shares practical examples and tips, carefully selected articles and videos, and assignments to help you solidify the knowledge you have gained. Activities are designed to be completed on a daily basis, but you can work through the guide as many times as necessary to achieve your desired results.

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CV and Cover Letters 

Make a good first impression with a professional CV and cover letter. Our team members understand the ins and outs of recruiting for International Development and the importance of communicating your experiences, career goals, and passion for Africa. We work one-on-one with you to refine your CV and cover letter so that you stand out to the people who matter most when it comes to landing your dream job.



The International Development sector can seem like a complex and impenetrable fortress. Our goal is to demystify the sector and help you determine the best fit for you within it.

We offer a package of six 30-minute coaching sessions designed to comprehensively assess your background and experiences and offer practical advice and guidance on how to make these work for you. Specifically, we will deliver: a 360-degree assessment of your experience and aspirations, a curated list of opportunities that match your experience and ambitions, feedback on your applications, a breakdown of the sectors you would like to work in, and tips and tricks to improve your confidence and focus when it comes to pursuing the career path that is right for you.



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