So, you are recently unemployed and in a state of panic and worry because truth be told, bills don’t care about your situation. At the end of every single month, they are waiting to be paid. No, this is not the time to sulk and chow down an entire bakery. What you need to remember is: Unemployment isn’t a permanent state. It is a moment. Use this time to reflect and re-evaluate what you want in your new job or career path. It is the time to ask yourself different critical questions. What role and industry are you keen on working in?

Reflect, re-evaluate, and  work to maintain your physical and emotional wellbeing. Aside from actively seeking new employment, what else can you do in the meantime? One simple answer is acquire new skills. The skills that you have and will build up not only help you where you are now (unemployment moment), but also come in handy where you are going (new job, better perks etc.).

What skills are these?

  1. Organizational skills: You can work on your organization skills from the comfort of your home. Allocate hours to applying for jobs, taking break, making sure your home is in order, and so on and so forth. If you show you can prioritize, work efficiently and productively while looking for a new job, potential employers get a sense of how you will handle meeting deadlines, focusing on what needs to be done, and how you decide what’s important.
  2. IT skills: Possessing IT skills is a necessity in most if not all organizations at the moment. Knowledge of data analysis may help you when looking for work in the development sector. You can boost your IT skills by pursuing online courses available on platforms such as, or, just to mention a few.
  3. Communication skills: This makes for a great foundation for other skills that would make you employable. To improve on this particular skill, you can start a blog, make videos, or even volunteer at an old people’s home. There is a plethora of options on how you can boost your communication skills. Remember: Excellent communication will be reflected in how you interact with recruiters during an interview, and how you express what you have done at a job or project on your cover letter and resume.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. It is good to note that they translate into transferable skills which can be used in various organizations and industries and are definitely sustainable. Transferable skills:

  1. Give you flexibility. As the job market continues to be increasingly competitive, employers are seeking candidates who are able to work multiple tasks and roles to completion.
  2. Make you diverse. Your ability to be diverse in terms of what you can do make you more marketable to employers.
  3. Come in handy when you have little to no experience. You can show you are adaptable in whatever role and that is always a plus on your resume.

So as you excitedly seek your ideal job in whatever sector or industry, stay informed and stay connected. Focus on things that serve you. You are the perfect candidate for that job! You are doing great!

Samora provides administrative and Consular support at the Embassy of Kenya in the Netherlands.


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